Pennies From Heaven

The purpose of this page is to answer the question “How is All Saints supported?”. Pennies DO come from heaven (Everything comes from God - 1 Cor. 11:12), but they might have to come via YOU first! It’s important to explain that we are totally self-supporting. Although we are an Anglican Church belonging to the Worldwide Anglican Communion, we do not receive any outside financial support. On the contrary, we ourselves support the mission work of our Archbishop and other Christian organisations plus local charities.

What does it cost

We have two Priests to support, (one of which is non-stipendiary). We have to find money to pay for supplies, rent, outreach, social work, travel expenses and our support for other Christian ministries etc. Our accounts show that we need minimum income of €4,500 every month to meet all our current commitments. However, as we follow God’s guidance on our future work here in Portugal (which may eventually include the need for our own premises) our expenses will undoubtedly grow.

Offerings made at the service are greatly appreciated and some people tithe or subscribe to the weekly envelope scheme. For residents in Portugal, these donations are valid for tax relief and the Portuguese Government will remit to us 0.05% of your tax (with no cost implication to you) if you quote our tax number 592 008 789 on your annual tax return. Our treasurer will explain this more fully and also how to obtain the correct receipts to attach to your annual tax returns. If you would like to make a donation , however small (remember the widows mite?) click on the link beneath to PayPal and you can use any major credit card

If you would like to make a regular commitment to help us plan for the future, please send an email to the treasurer

All Saints Algarve is a member of FCA

Donate on line to All Saints Algarve via PayPal with any major Credit Card. Thank you for your support for our work
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